Company Mission

We’re propelling tech startups to new levels by empowering them to do amazing things better.

TechnoHeight’s Mission is to empower startups by providing them
cost-effective solutions to scale their business quickly and easily.

Our Team

TechnoHeight was started after Supreet Singh decided to find an effective and efficient way to give startups a helping hand in handling all the tasks that come with growing a business so they can focus on what’s important.

He realized that by giving startups access to the right technology and people with the right skills through outsourcing, he can provide them with the competitive edge they need to scale faster and reach their goals.

Today, TechnoHeight is one of the fastest growing outsourcing service providers with a team of over 100 highly skilled professionals working remotely and in their head office in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Team Photo

We’re changing the way you do business

Remember how excited and passionate you were the day you launched your business? The work that you had to do was simple, easy and exciting. That’s how growing a startup should always be. However, the fierce competition of today’s marketplace and the growing demands of operating your startup has become tedious and overwhelming. You try to juggle them, but you end up getting distracted from what’s important. You try to hire additional help, but it’s just too expensive.

Growing a business should be exciting.

At TechnoHeight, we believe that quality help should be accessible and affordable to those that need them the most: startups just like you.

Through our services at TechnoHeight, startups gain access to the help they need to grow their business from start to finish. These solutions provide startup owners the clarity and focus they need to attend to the things that are most important in their business, increasing their productivity and the business’ profitability.


We empower startups scale their businesses quickly through
our shared mission and values: