Content Moderation

Our content moderation services help you keep the professionalism and integrity of your company by flagging and moderating profane, discriminating, off-topic, and offensive posts left by visitors to your online properties. That way, you are confident that your company’s online integrity and credibility is intact.

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Successful brands all have a thriving online community of fans and influencers that engage with peers and others. They do this by uploading User Generated Content (UGC) like text comments, reviews, blog posts, photos, and videos.

35% of buyers base their decision to purchase a company’s product or service on UGC. Unfortunately, not all UGC are objective and unbiased.

Our multicultural and multilingual moderating teams can identify, flag, and remove inappropriate content written in other languages or dialects, keeping your online properties safe and your company’s image and reputation intact.

In fact, the rise of cyberbullying has reached the corporate world. This is a sneaky tactic that competing companies use against each other in the hopes of influencing their shared target market to make their decision in their favor.

At TechnoHeight, we provide a broad range of real-time content moderation services to protect your company’s brand integrity and reputation in your online properties but other parts of the Internet. Our team of dedicated and meticulous moderators monitors your website, social media channels, and communities to identify and remove any negative and offensive UGC, keeping them safe and positive.

TechnoHeight’s social media monitoring solutions safeguard your brand by monitoring, moderating and managing brand-related conversations across different social media streams. At the same time, we measure your customer’s sentiment and help you implement campaigns to increase engagement within your online communities so that your brand will thrive online.

Social Media Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Content posted on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram has the most impact on your company’s brand. These content can also profoundly influence your customers’ decision to purchase your products or services.

Comment Moderation

Comment Moderation

We screen user comments on dedicated brand pages and blogs in three stages to ensure that posting guidelines are consistently met as well was filtering spam and trolling. Irrelevant comments and those that are posted not according to the established guidelines are then removed.

Review Moderation

Review Moderation

Our review moderation services provide you access to our team of specialists who will quickly remove questionable content including those that contain profanity, threats, prejudiced, hate speech, sexually explicit language, promotional material, and others that may be potentially damage your customer’s perception about your brand.

Forum Moderation

Forum Moderation

Your website’s forum provides an avenue for clear and structured exchanges between you and followers of your community. Our team will monitor these exchanges on a real-time basis, ensuring that they adhere to your guidelines and policies and remove any off-topic comments which can derail the discussion.

Image Content Moderation

Image Moderation

Our image content moderation services utilize round-the-clock monitoring to safeguard your brand from malicious photos and images being uploaded and reaching your customer and fan base.

Audio and Video Moderation

Image Moderation

With audio and video now fast-becoming the preferred content medium, our experienced team of moderators will carefully review the audio and video content uploaded to your platform, ensuring that these are in full compliance with general and brand-specific standards.

“We customize our content moderation solution packages to fit your specific business needs and budget.”


As one of the fast growing BPO service providers in the industry, we at TechnoHeight fully understand your need when it comes to content moderation. Our team of dedicated, multilingual and multicultural content moderators follows a stringent moderation system on a real time basis.

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