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We offer an extensive range of data entry services and packages at extremely competitive rates. By outsourcing your data entry requirements, you can practically eliminate the need to set up complex hardware and software infrastructure as well as the need for additional human resources to deal with constant technical maintenance demands. It is a worthwhile investment that yields a significant reduction in your business expenses.

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Data is perhaps one of the most valuable assets of your company.

It helps you make sound decisions critical for the growth of your business.

It points you towards the best strategy to reach your target market.

It gives you an insight to your business’ overall performance and exposes areas that you need to adjust, increasing productivity, generating more sales, and meeting your company’s goals.

In today’s cut-throat marketplace, the quality and delivery of the data business needs can mean the difference between success and failure.

Our experienced data entry personnel and proofreaders are trained to follow a strict set of quality check protocols in every stage, giving you a 99.9% output accuracy level.



Here at TechnoHeight, we understand how vital your data entry requirements are for your business.  As one of the fastest growing data entry service providers in the industry, we offer accurate data entry services through our experienced data entry personnel who are well-trained to process data entry jobs using various word processors, publishing software, and databases.



We utilize Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for file exchange within our centralized, highly secure computing environment, guaranteeing your data’s security and confidentiality.



Whether you have a couple hundred of records or an expansive database filled with several million records, TechnoHeight’s accurate data entry services can create and populate your database based on your specifications and needs accurately and efficiently.



From keying information from electronic publications like PDFs and online sources to setting up a robust and highly secure database system, we make sure that your business startup is equipped with the data it needs to position itself and compete in today’s tough marketplace.

TechnoHeight’s skilled data entry personnel and resources allow you to take advantage of data keying capabilities up to 1 million keystrokes per day.