Document Digitization

All business process transactions need to be documented carefully. Misplacing these documents can be disastrous. That is why we at TechnoHeight introduced our document digitization services to help businesses and organizations transition into a paperless environment. We handle the tedious task of scanning your paper documents, converting them to editable digital versions using the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Computer Recognition (ICR) technology, and archiving them to maximize your ability to access the information you need without compromising your budget quickly.

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Keeping digital copies of all your business documents and data is essential in the current tech-savvy world.

Outsourcing your document digitization needs gives you and your business countless benefits because you can –

Securely store and preserve them

Encrypt them to ensure the information remains confidential

Quickly access the right information when you need them

Quickly retrieve, update and send out

At TechnoHeight, we follow a 3-step document digitization process: pre-scanning, scanning, and post-scanning. All digital documents are meticulously checked by two quality control inspectors, ensuring your important documents’ quality and security.

Bulk Document Digitization

Whether you need to convert years of archived documents into digital format or need someone to scan incoming mail, receipts, and invoices regularly, TechnoHeight can get the job done for you.

Using the latest OCR and ICR technology, our IT staff and team of quality checkers can quickly scan and digitally index up to 3,000,000 documents in just few months.

Digital Mail Room

TechnoHeight provides digital mailroom services that will open, sort, and digitize documents you receive on a daily basis so that you receive all of these in digital format. This helps transform your business into a paperless office.


Secure process and facilities

Our document digitization services are backed by an experienced team of professionals, the latest technology, and a facility complete with a highly secure document storage warehouse to ensure your documents and data are protected.

Cost-effective solutions

We believe that quality service does not have to be expensive.

Compared to other service providers, our customizable and scalable document solutions are among the most cost-effective available

Quick and efficient

Backed with the latest digital scanning and imaging technology, and a team of experienced IT professionals, we can provide you with world-class document digitization solutions within a short turnaround time. Once received, we provide you with the software that you can easily operate.

Company with global support

TechnoHeight is recognized as one of the fastest growing BPO service providers in the industry with an extensive global support we extend to our clients.