What Is Online Reputation Management And Why Is It Important?

What Is Online Reputation Management And Why Is It Important?

Internet works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During all this time, lots of information, communications and / or opinions are poured into the network…. From this incessant river of information, Google and the other search engines extract information or opinions about people, companies, brands, products or services that include your databases.


The knowledge, monitoring and “control” of all the information that affects person, company or brand is part of what is called ORM “Online Reputation Management”




Online Reputation Management or ORM emerges as a need for virtual businesses to be able to control all the information that is on the search engines or social media networks about them.


Managing the reputation of your brand or business, knowing what your customers say, is an essential to provide the best service.


Many times a brand, product or people have the need to control the results that appear on Google when searching for certain keywords.


Through ORM, one can position positive results of a brand, person, etc. so that negative opinions are not so visible.


There are many users who, before buying a product or service, search Google for information, if they have good reviews or bad reviews, etc. In a large number of cases, if opinions are very bad, buyers tend to back out when buying.


For this reason, it is very important to know how to manage online reputation, since negative opinions on the net can ruin the purchase of a trip in a specific hotel or a flight in a certain company due to the constant bad experiences of many passengers.


It is essential to have localized opinions on the internet about your product or service, in order to have both good and bad opinions controlled.


Benefits of ORM Online Reputation Management


  • Helps in Improve customer satisfaction
  • Helps in Increase perceptions of brand
  • Helps in engaging in more effective public relations
  • Helps in understanding of the relationship between users generated content and traditional forms of online media.
  • Helps in gaining insights about competitors and their customers
  • Helps in maintaining shareholder value by mitigating risk
  • Helps in providing early warning systems
  • Helps in reducing internal costs by employing services
  • Helps in gaining insight into online networks and keywords
  • Helps in reducing marketing spend

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about creating a powerful brand image online.


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