Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistance

Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is an individual who provides professional administrative, technical, creative or social assistance to clients. A  Virtual Assistance (VA) is an office administration professional offering remote administrative support to small or medium-sized businesses.

Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistance

Key Qualities of a Good Virtual Assistance



Before you hire an assistant, do background checks from previous employees. You might give her valuable information about your business, so you need to make sure that you can trust her. Avoid hiring people who would take shortcuts even if they know they can compromise a project.



Many business owners hire virtual office assistants to handle customer inquiries. An independent contractor with the high level of professionalism represents business better. There are certain expectations that should be met with quality results, choice of words, and business ethics. The virtual assistance industry is no different from the corporate world.


Communication Skills

Look for a virtual office assistant with good communication skills. Not all individuals who work in the virtual assistance industry have English as their first language, so communicating with them could be a problem. Having great communication skills is essential for easier verbal and written communication. You know you have hired a professional with good communication skills when she asks questions about your project to clear any misconception.


Technoheight are there to assist you in your business, and to help you run things more smoothly so you can have more time to do things that give you more value.

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