Qualities Every Virtual Assistance Should Have

Qualities Every Virtual Assistance Should Have

Some people feel so overwhelmed when choosing a Virtual assistance because they focus exclusively on the professional abilities of the candidates: their expertise in the field they require, the languages they speak, the software they handle, since they think this is the important and necessary thing for the correct execution of the tasks.


However, the VAs must have certain qualities that go beyond the professionals to be listed as an excellent assistant: communication skills, order, and precision in detail are just some of those qualities that are not valued at the beginning, but that all VA should have.


The term “virtual assistants” was coined in 1996 by life coach Thomas Leonard in a conversation with Anastacia Brice. She felt that finally, she had a name for her decade-long profession.


In February 1997, Anastacia Brice opened the first organization for Virtual Assistants.


Once an entrepreneur has made the decision to hire the services of a Virtual Assistant (VA), he faces the enormous challenge of finding the ideal person with whom he can work comfortably and efficiently and meet his objectives.



Qualities Every Virtual Assistant Needs To Have

Qualities Virtual Assistance:


  • Communication, communication and more communication

One of the most important aspects that every good VA should have is an excellent ability to communicate.

When you have your candidates shortlisted, pay close attention to how they communicate with you. Schedule a call or video call with each one of the candidates for the position and talk with them for a while. The idea of this informal talk is to discover how they communicate daily. With a conversation as basic as this, you can find out if your candidate and you speak “the same language” and could communicate effectively in the future.


  • Attention to detail

Attention to detail is fundamental in any position within a company, but it is even more important in distance work such as that of a VA.

A careless, scattered or disorderly person will hinder work and slow down all processes.

In addition, an error committed by carelessness could mean the loss of money and time for the company.

It could be difficult to know if a VA candidate has attention to detail. A very basic way, but that could give you a vision of their ability to detail, is to see how they respond to the emails you send them. Do you use correct grammar and spelling? Do you miss an email without an attachment or attach the wrong document? Have you answered all the questions you asked in the previous email? If you usually make an error in any of these premises, perhaps attention to detail is not one of its strengths.


  • Professionalism

VA must know what their tasks are and carry them out within the established deadline, without the need for the client to be constantly reminding him of his obligations. Your work must be done efficiently and professionally, always adding value to your tasks and fulfilling your objectives to achieve the desired success.

Avoid those people who only perform their tasks for a monthly payment, since they don’t put mind and heart to your brand or company.


  • Reliability

Who does not want a reliable work companion that culminates work on time that he does his best that he does not hesitate to give you a hand and to contribute ideas when you feel stuck? That would be the ideal VA.

One of the best ways to know if your candidates are reliable is by talking with your previous clients. Ask them for references of their previous jobs (even if it was not like VA) and talk with their former clients or former bosses. If you are a person of trust, they will not hesitate to tell you. If it is not, they will doubt your answers and you will realize that it is not the candidate for you.


  • Ability to solve unforeseen events

A good VA is one that is able to solve any unforeseen events without costing timing or money for the client.

It is not that you know everything, but that you have the basic knowledge to know where to look for an answer that clarifies your doubts so that the client does not feel overwhelmed with dozens of questions whose answers can easily be found in a quick Google search.

In the case of a little more complicated and specific tasks, value the fact that you’re VA tells you that he does not know how to execute it


Which of these qualities do you consider the most important in a VA?


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