Virtual Assistance

TechnoHeight’s virtual assistant services give you the opportunity to work with a highly experienced, dedicated, results-oriented, and proactive virtual assistant who will help you deal with every single challenge your business faces on a daily basis. Whether you need a meticulous assistant to handle daily administrative tasks or a social media marketing expert, we have a virtual assistant who will meet your needs.

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The average employee spends up to 80% of their time on tasks not related in any way to their job. Valuable time is wasted and so is your hard-earned money.


Ensure elite Virtual assistant services by hiring superior assistance


Virtual assistant services provide you with easy solutions for all of your administrative services while operating outside the office. Similarly, you should make sure to employ the best for your business within your budget.


We, at TechnoHeight, provide you with the best services to work with a highly experienced, hardworking, result-oriented virtual assistant who will help you deal with the various on-going challenges for your company. The expertise of the assistance helps in handling administrative tasks; you can also take the services of a social media marketing expert. In short, we provide you with each of the best virtual assistant services according to your needs.


You might be unfamiliar that your human assets hard work gets wasted on the tasks which aren’t meant to be their job.


Services on which we co-operate


We also provide you with a freelance virtual assistant. The professionalism and expertise help us in providing you with elite solutions to all of your assistance related problems.


Don’t confuse yourself by thinking we can deliver little tasks; we are much more capable of assisting you in providing help to your business for a long time.


We undertake various projects and provide the best expertise help mainly on

  • Administrative Assistance
  • Graphics Assistance
  • Writing Assistance
  • Website Assistance
  • Reception Services
  • Customer Support


Why Technoheight?


We are an elite team serving various industries. Made around the concept of providing best and suitable help to the clients worldwide, we are a reliable source to get high-class service and also provide you with remote assistance.


The objective of the company


Our company is built around the norms to provide topmost customer assistance to our clients. We also provide with personal assistant services for the customers.


Save your time


With the well understanding of the industry, we are here to free up your time. You can hence build strategies towards enhancing profits.


Competent and Influential Service


While you dedicate your time to increase your profits, we will be a great support system by decreasing all of your work stress. Reduce your stress with proficient and impactful services.


Tension-free management


Once you hire, our virtual assistance services, you are ought to be tension-free regarding it. We, not only help in providing proper support to your company but, also will act as an asset for your company. You no longer have to remain tensed after appointing us.


Profitable Investment


We, at Technoheight, ensure that we are a profitable investment for our client. It is made sure that we are an asset to your company.


Affordable Services


We not only provide you with the best services but, also make sure to charge the minimum amount. It is made sure that your business profits after you employ us for assistance.


There won’t be any regret once you appoint us. We provide top-notch services to our renowned clients.


Ensure the cream of the crop services for your business. Contact us for a quote today!

Our virtual assistant services provide you a formidable blend of experience, professionalism, and attention to detail at highly competitive rates. By having a dedicated virtual assistant working behind the scenes, you now have the freedom to deal with the critical aspects of your businesses.

Virtual Administrative Assistance

Virtual Admin

When you need someone to help you handle routine business tasks like setting up meetings and following up potential clients, our virtual administrative assistant will be there to give you a helping hand when and where you need it the most.

Virtual Graphics Assistance

Virtual Graphic

Our team of creative and experienced graphic assistants will help you with basic design tasks like creating Powerpoint presentation slides and retouching images, ensuring your company’s brand remains consistent in the graphics you use online and on print.

Virtual Writing Assistance

Virtual Writer

Our team of talented writers and editors are backed by years of experience writing different kinds of online and offline content across various industries. We assign a writer well-versed in your industry to work with you to craft your content while incorporating your company’s voice and style.

Virtual Website Assistance

Virtual Website

Managing your company’s website is extremely time-consuming. Our dedicated virtual website assistant will gladly take care of the basic tasks like promoting your site’s content on your social media accounts and replying to comments. That way, you can spend more time actually to work on your business.

Virtual Reception Services

Virtual Reception

While most other virtual reception service providers provide only an answering service, our virtual reception services take it a step further.

Here at TechnoHeight, we assign a dedicated virtual assistant we train based on your guidelines to:


Handle inbound and outbound calls

Addressing pre-sale questions from potential customers and clients

Process orders are done over the phone

Provide in-depth customer care

Conduct after-sales follow ups

Send out thank you notes to your existing customers and clients

Schedule your appointments and meetings

Customer Support

customer support

In today’s market conditions due to tough competition, it is very hard to retain your existing customer. Many out there are providing the required quality but not everyone is successful!

We at TechnoHeight provide best in class Customer Support. Our team of professional and experienced agents work sincerely keeping the reputation of the client and serve their customers best.

We can provide both Voice and Non Voice based customer service.

1) Voice based:

We provide both inbound and outbound customer service. We can even support your sales team via generating leads over the call.

2) Non Voice based:

In Non voice base, we can handle your important chats and mails.

Associate with us and lend us your precious customers and we will take care of them with quality, so that you can focus on other important matters related to your organization.


Expert Team

Highly qualified team of experts

Unlike most other VA service providers, our pool of experienced VA’s has their own unique skill sets backed by years of professional experience. That way, we can assign a VA to handle not just the present needs of your business, but also future demands you will face as your business grows.



Here at TechnoHeight, we keep track of the assigned job that will allow you to see the progress of our virtual assistant while completing the tasks you have assigned as well as when they clock in and out.

Cost Effective Solution

Cost-effective solutions

Quality work does not have to be expensive. We provide you with comprehensive virtual assistant solutions at highly competitive rates, guaranteed to give you value for your money.